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Technology That Works for You

To stay competitive in the 21st century marketplace, you have to have efficient computer and phone systems. Rely on CompuTEL ON-DEMAND, Inc. to make recommendations about cloud computing and telecommunications systems that meet your needs. We use our more than 35 years of IT experience to help you create a computer network that makes your enterprise a success.

Cloud Computing

Your Personal IT Department

Our services are specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want to outsource the management of their information technology. This is typically requested when a company cannot afford an on-site IT person.

The Latest Technologies

Store all of your files and access them quickly with cloud computing, including hosting. This is an effective way to expand your storage capabilities while freeing up space on your hard drives and servers. We also provide you with scalable enterprise technologies that offer ultimate performance for affordable prices.

You never have to worry about your call center dropping calls when we provide you with telecommunications solutions. We start by evaluating your existing environment and technology plan to see where you currently stand. Next, we offer a solution based on enhancing your existing technology. This service is also available for a one-person importation.

Options That Fit Your Budget

Save money with CompuTEL ON-DEMAND, Inc. We offer the best practice and best technologies at the best rate. We design your system so that it will be affordable; although the cost depends on your particular needs and wants. In some instances, we may be able to provide you with the exact same technological solution you might find elsewhere for half the price. Discounts are also available on certain services.

A Background in Technology

Our owner started in the business as a radioman on a nuclear ballistic submarine in the United States Navy. He then worked as an engineer for AT&T™. Rely on him and our staff to skillfully manage your technology so that you can concentrate on running your business.